Prepare - Prevent - Respond - Mitigate:

Our security & intelligence professionals design, develop and implement Active Shooter Response protocols and operational guidelines which will be customized and tailored to the needs and exposures of your organization. Four key areas include:


  • Preparing for the unthinkable; even if the unthinkable might never happen, will reduce the likelihood of an event, minimize the loss of life once an event occurs, as well as to allow for a more effective response from law enforcement tactical units. The initial Five "5" minutes after the shooting starts are critical; especially when the law enforcement response can vary greatly based on the location of your organization and the nature of the law enforcement services for your region.


  • The National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health reports that 74% of all incidents of Workplace Violence are perpetrated by individuals who are known to one or more of the individuals who work with-in the workplace. The National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health also reports that 40% of the aforementioned incidents of Workplace Violence are the direct result of Domestic or Intimate Violence. With 74% of Workplace Violence incidents being directly attributed to "known" individuals; a well structured, implemented, administered and communicated Workplace Violence Prevention Program - coupled with Threat Assessment and Behavioral Analysis resources - will significantly reduce the likelihood of violence finding its way into your organization.


  • On-site training for management, supervisors and employees on how to respond during the Active Shooter event.  An effective response will save lives; as well as assist the response from law enforcement. Victim initiated mitigation in the face of an assault has been proven to save lives and reduce the duration of the event.


  • Crisis Intervention and the management of the aftermath of an Active Shooter event is critical for a rapid recovery.  Effective mitigation and intervention provides employee counseling, family notifications and counseling, community & Media relations and business continuation.

The Active Shooter

  • The Active Shooter is an individual who is engaged in the random and indiscriminate killing of the people being encountered in a confined and populated area. Should there be a Specific Target that the shooter is seeking; the shooter will kill, or attempt to kill, all who are encountered as he searches for his intended victim. From the Design, Development and Implementation of an Active Shooter Preparedness, Response & Mitigation Plan, to the training of your personnel, including the Table Top Planning of resources and responsibilities with local officials through your Active Shooter Drill our Security Professionals stand ready to assist your organization every step of the way.

The Lehigh Valley Paladin Security & Intelligence Professionals; sociologists, psychologists, current and former law enforcement personnel are available to assist you in dealing with negative employee behavioral issues or outright workplace violence.


Active Shooter Preparedness & Response