High Risk Employee Terminations

High Risk Employee Termination Management:

  Managing the Termination of a High Risk, Violent or Troublesome Employee

  • Preparing for and managing the termination of an employee; even in the best of cases, is a challenging endeavor for every employer and human resource professional. Preparing for and managing the termination of a potentially violent or troublesome employee; or more specifically the employee who has exhibited threats, violent tendencies or violence in the workplace, only exacerbates the challenges for the human resource professional.

The Lehigh Valley Paladin, LLC security personnel are professionals who are experienced in dealing with these potentially problematic terminations.  We offer the following services to assist your department and your organization with these challenges:

  • Advance Planning - Preparing for the Termination
  • Reviewing incident reports to determine the level of violence which might be experienced during the termination meeting.
  • Determining which human resource and company personnel need to participate in the termination meeting.
  • Establishing a plan of action for the termination meeting in advance of the date and time of the scheduled termination.
  • Termination Date Security Considerations
  • Security personnel on-site and in the “wings” to address any unacceptable outbursts or violent actions.
  • Security personnel to escort the former employee from the building and off company property.

When faced with the termination of a high risk, potentially troublesome or violent employee you do not have to go it alone.  For professional assistance with that potentially troublesome termination please contact our security director Dr. Diana Sorrentino via E-Mail at:   diana@lehighvalleypaladin.com  or; you can contact her directly via her cellular telephone at:   908.307.3750