Behavioral Analysis:

  • Behavioral Analysis is the analysis of a person's Psychological and Behavioral Characteristics, so as to assess or predict their capabilities in a certain sphere or to assist in identifying a particular subgroup of people. Profiling; which is the Analysis of an Individual’s Behavior, is routinely used to identify positive; as well as negative, threatening and potentially dangerous behavior.  Behavioral Analysis is the process of profiling an individual’s behavior and is the means by which we work to identify and assess the behavioral characteristics which historically have led to outbreaks of violence in the workplace or against a targeted individual or group of individuals.  Behavioral Analysis; the Profiling of behavioral patterns, is an integral component of Workplace Violence Prevention as well as Threat Assessment, Intervention and Management.

Critical Incident Management:

  • Critical Incident Response, Intervention & Management is the process by which we intervene to work with the management and security personnel or your organization as an emergency response to a critical event (crisis) which may be developing; is in the early stage of development or, in response to a critical incident or event has already taken place. Lehigh Valley Paladin security professionals work with your executive management team to design, develop, implement and manage the execution of a Critical Incident (Crisis) Response and a Critical Incident Management plan which will specifically meet the needs of your business or organization.

Threat Assessment & Management:

  • Threat Assessment, Evaluation, Intervention & Management; regardless of the nature, source or perceived severity of the Threat  and the intentions of the  Subject  making the  Threat,  is an art and a science as well as a comprehensive and methodical process for determining the viability, credibility & severity of the Threat becoming an actual act of Violence against an individual, individuals or the facility which has become the Target for the Subject making the Threat. Threat Assessment, Intervention & Management Services, which are an integral part of Workplace Violence Prevention & High Risk Terminations, will provide important and valuable in-sights into the risks and threats you might be exposed to.

High Risk Termination Management:

  • Preparing for and managing the termination of an employee; even in the best of cases, is a challenging, not to mention emotional, endeavor for every employer and human resource professional.  Preparing for and managing the termination of a potentially violent or troublesome employee; or more specifically the employee who has expressed threats, exhibited violent tendencies or violence in the workplace, will only exacerbate the challenges for the human resource professional.  Many times the concerns have been generated because of employee concerns regarding an  “Employee’s Behavior”  or statements from co-workers to the effect that “This individual is the type of person who would show up one day at work with a gun” or “I am afraid because of the individual’s outbursts, unacceptable behavior and his/her potential to be violent”. The Lehigh Valley Paladin, LLC security personnel are professionals who are experienced in dealing with these potentially problematic terminations.  We offer services to assist your department and your organization with these challenges: Advance Planning: Preparing for the Termination along with on-site management on the Termination Date: Security Considerations during and after the Termination.

Security Assessments, Consulting & Investigation Services:

   Understanding & Recognizing Exposures, Threats & Vulnerabilities

  • Regardless of the nature of your business or organization; your facility could easily be targeted for an assault or act of violence.  The security professionals at  Lehigh Valley Paladin, LLC  will conduct a review and analysis; ranging from a basic overview to a detail evaluation and report, of your facilities existing security provisions, systems, policies, procedures and operational protocols.  Additionally; our professionals can provide your organization with comprehensive safety & security seminars and workshops to increase their effectiveness in being part of the security solution for your facility.

Investigation Services – Civil & Criminal:

  • Licensed Private Investigators; all of whom are former law enforcement officers or FBI agents, can provide you and your organization with in-depth Civil and Criminal background investigations; as well as surveillance for workers’ compensation cases or any other legal corporate requirement.

Executive Protection:

  • Armed escort, security and protection details are available for the protection of executives, key personnel and employees in the face of real or perceived threats to their safety or the safety of their family.
    • Services are provided according to need and are available:  24 / 7 / 365 !

Seminars, Symposiums, Workshops & In-Service Training:

  • We deliver seminars, symposiums, workshops and in-service training programs; specifically designed & developed for the threats and risks being faced today, by the Lehigh Valley Paladin professionals, to meet the proactive security and protective needs of your organization, employees, customers and clients. 

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