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Half Day Seminar - May 15th, 2018

Allentown, PA

A Lehigh Valley Paladin Professional Development Seminar

Active Shooter

Prepare - Prevent - Respond - Mitigate - Recover

The security professionals at Lehigh Valley Paladin, LLC have designed and developed a comprehensive 4.5 Hour Preparedness Seminar to address the needs of a wide variety of businesses, educational facilities, medical facilities and professional firms.

This seminar will address how to prepare for the eventuality of an Active Shooter event or any other Critical Incident or Crisis, what you can and need to do along with how to respond once an Active "Rampage" Shooter enters the workplace, as well as what you need to do and how to manage the aftermath of an Active Shooter event.

Seminar Date, Time & Location:

May 15th, 2018

8:30AM until 1:30 PM

Hilton Garden Inn - Allentown Airport

1787B Airport Road South

Allentown, PA  18109

To Register for this valuable professional development seminar please download and print the attached seminar information sheet.

Active Shooter Preparedness Seminar

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Dr. Diana Sorrentino: