Security Reviews & Assessments

How Secure is Your Facility?

  How Prepared are Your Personnel?

    Are Your Security Policies, Procedures & Operational Protocols Up to Date?

  • Alarm systems, locked doors and key card entry systems; while they provide a minimal level of security and protection along with some peace of mind, are no longer adequate in the face of the threats you are currently exposed to.

Understanding Threats & Vulnerabilities:

  • The security professionals at  Lehigh Valley Paladin, LLC  will conduct a review and analysis; ranging from a basic overview to a detailed evaluation and report,of your facilities existing security provisions, security & surveillance systems, policies, procedures and operational protocols. Additionally; our professionals can provide your organization with comprehensive safety & security seminars and workshops to increase their effectiveness in being part of the security solution for your facility.

Security Assessment Processes include:

  • Active Shooter Response
  • Active Shooter Preparedness & Response
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Critical Incident & Crisis Management
  • High Risk Employee Terminations
  • Safety, Security & Conflict Avoidance
  • Security Personnel & Security Officer Training
  • Threat Assessment, Intervention & Management
  • Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Personal Defense Training

For additional information on our Security Assessment Services; as well as to schedule a no cost no obligation overview of your facility, please contact   Dr. Diana Sorrentino   via the  Contact a Paladin  page on this website.