Seminar:   Threat Assessment & Management

Threat Assessment & Management Seminar ...

 Contemporary Concepts & Processes for Managing Threats

Threat Assessment & Critical Incident Management Strategies

for Human Resources Professionals, Corporate Executives & Security Professionals.


  • Threat Assessment, Evaluation, Management & Intervention; regardless of the nature, source or perceived severity of the Threat and the intentions of the Subject making the Threat, is an art and a science as well as a comprehensive and methodical process for determining the viability, credibility & severity of the Threat becoming an actual act of Violence against an individual, individuals or the facility which has become the Target for the Subject making the Threat.

  • The security professionals at Lehigh Valley Paladin, LLC have designed and developed a comprehensive FFour (4) hour and Seven (7) hour Seminars to address the needs of a wide variety of businesses, educational facilities, medical facilities and professional firms. 

  • Our seminars address how to prepare for the eventuality of Aggressive Behavior, Threats or Acts of Violence being experienced; what you can and need to do along with how to respond in the face of any Threat of Violence; as well as what you need to do and how to manage the information or physical evidence you have received.  The following bullet list is an abbreviated overview of the topics to be addressed in our seminar:


  • The following bullet list is an abbreviated overview of the topics to be addressed in our seminar:
    • Understanding the Paths to Impromptu or Intended Violence
    • Threat Assessment & Management Concepts & Applications
    • Why Certain Individuals Attract Violence
    • The Significance Associated with the Motives of the Predator’s Target
    • Understanding the Difference between Howlers & Hunters
    • The Concept of “At This Time” in the Threat Assessment Process
    • The Importance and Value of Empathy
    • Determining the Severity of the Threat
    • Concepts & Applications for Diffusing or Reducing the Risk of Violence
    • Identifying & Understanding the “Need to Know” Facts & Information
    • The Intimacy Effect
    • Avoiding the Silo Effect
    • Understanding the role of Time as it Applies to Impromptu & Intended Violence
    • Recognizing & Understanding the Uncontrollable Elements
    • The Importance of Inhibitors
    • The Domino Effect when Inhibitors Collapse
    • Intervention Strategies
    • As well as Selected Case Studies for Discussion

  • The Threat may originate from a current or former employee; a disgruntled client or customer; an intimate partner of one of your employees or from anyone.  Education and Planning; along with well-established and communicated Company Policies, Procedures & Guidelines, are essential when addressing the issue of this type of violence entering the workplace.


  • Our  Workplace Violence Intervention & Prevention Seminar would be conducted at your facility; or we can arrange on your behalf an off-site meeting location.  Additionally; the Security Professionals at  Lehigh Valley Paladin, LLC  are available to consult with you and your organization with a Risk Assessment, Analysis and the Evaluation of your facilities through the concept, design and implementation of a structured plan of action to deal with these horrific events.


  • Our  Workplace Violence Prevention, Threat Assessment & Management, Behavioral Analysis & Critical Incident Management Seminars and Professional Services  will provide you with important and valuable in-sights; in-sights which you will be able to apply and use immediately in your profession and your daily life, into the formal process undertaken by the Security Professionals who perform the structured process of Threat Assessment, Management & Interventions.

  • Additionally; you will learn how you can recognize the behavioral warning signs of an individual who may be on the path to an act of either Impromptu or Intended Violence.  The individual may be a  Howler   who seeking merely to frighten and intimidate the target or a Hunter  who is committed to an aggressive act of Violence. Recognizing the difference between the Howler, the Hunter and the individual on the Path to Intended Violence is a major objective for the Threat Assessment Professional.

  • Our Seminars, Workshop & Professional Development Programs have been approved for CLE - Continuing Legal Education Credits and Continuing Education Programs for HRCI, SHRM and many others!

  • For additional information on these safety and security programs for your executives and employees; or to explore the design and development of a program which can be tailored to your organization's specific safety, security and protection requirements, please contact our Security Director:   Dr. Diana Sorrentino thorugh the Contact a Paladin page.