Threat Assessment & Management

Contemporary Concepts & Processes for Managing Threats:

  • Threats of Violence, regardless of the nature of the threat , must be assessed and evaluated as soon as possible in order to determine whether the  Threat  being made is intended to only intimidate the target or; the  Threat  is found to be credible and the individual is on the path to an Intended Act of Violence.

  • Threat Assessment, Evaluation & Management is a dynamic process of:
    • Fact Finding
    • Assessment of the Facts and Circumstances
    • Evaluations
    • Determination of an Intervention Response
    • Reevaluations
    • Reassessments
    • Revised Intervention Strategies
    • and so forth.

  • Consequently; Threat Assessment, Evaluation & Management is an ongoing process which will continue until such time as the Threat has been discouraged or neutralized.

  • Threat Assessment, Evaluation, Intervention & Management; regardless of the nature, scope, source or perceived severity of the threat and the intentions of the Subject making the threat, is an art and a science as well as a comprehensive and methodical process for determining the viability, credibility & severity of the threat becoming an actual  Act of Violence  against an individual, individuals or the organization which has become the Target for the Subject making the Threat.

  • The Threat may originate from a current or former employee; a disgruntled client or customer; the husband, wife or the intimate partner of one of your employees; or for that matter from anyone with a grudge or perceived injustice.  Education and Planning; along with well-established and communicated company policies, procedures & guidelines, are essential when addressing the issue of this type of violence entering the workplace.

  • According to the statistics compiled by the National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health - N.I.O.S.H.:
    • 74% of all assaults which take place at work are perpetrated by an individual who is known to one or more individuals working in the organization.
    • 40% of the previously referenced 74% of assaults which take place at work are a direct result of Domestic or Intimate Violence entering the workplace.

  • According to the statistics compiled by the F.B.I. the top Five (5) incidents of violence facing employers are:
    • Type 1:   Violence by Criminals
    • Type 2:   Violence by Someone Receiving Service
    • Type 3:   Violence by a Former or Current Employee
    • Type 4:   Violence by Domestic or Intimate Abusers
    • Type 5:   Terrorism

  • Threat Assessment, Intervention & Management; along with Behavioral Analysis, is the means by which a determination of the severity the threat is developed.  The severity of a threat will fall into one of the following basic categories:
    • Level One:       Imminent Risk for Violence
    • Level Two:       High Potential for Violence
    • Level Three:    Moderate Potential for Violence
    • Level Four:      Low Potential for Violence
    • Level Five:       Potential for Violence is Unknown Based on Current Facts

The Lehigh Valley Paladin Security & Intelligence Professionals stand ready to assist you should a threat  be presented to an employee or your organization and a comprehensive assessment of the threat  be required.

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